Biography:   Raised in Kentucky Lance settled in Nashville nearly a decade ago and has been thriving ever since  , Lance Whalen has a presence like none other.  Tall, intense, and habitually dressed in all black with matching boots and suspenders, his very presence commands attention. Likewise, his music is just as  commanding, intense, and unique.  Lance has had many successes as a musician, having performed in CBGB in New York City, Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and Common Ground in Chicago.  He has also shared the stage with Pokey Lafarge, Eerie Von( Samhain, Danzig), and his music has influenced hit songwriters like R.L. Castleman (“Paper Airplane” Alison Krauss)  Lance has worked his entire life towards the dream of sharing his stories and life experiences through a music that can only be described as Americana Noir, a style that fits somewhere in between the folk music adapted from his Southern Roots and the music of Nick Cave and Tom Waits. Lance is not only a musician, but a man who loves to spend time with nature through camping, marksmanship, and sharing his living room with his 14 pet frogs. Lance reveals himself through his music and naturally sets him apart from others simply because he lives for his craft to express the romantic and the fascinating aspects of life that we all like to contemplate but cannot express as eloquently as he can. He is currently recording, Touring  and releasing music as "The Blue Velvets" a rock Duo he formed with his wife in 2013.”


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