"Lance Whalen’s latest single, “Strange Angel,” is where Southern Gothic rock and David Lynch-like flourishes collide with fiery results."



“More like Sweet Arsenic Pie, because this is the darkest sounding Nashville-style roots music since Porter released those drunk murder LPs way back when.” - Waymond Timbsdayle 

— Rocktober 


“.....almost unbearable melancholy.” - Johan Schoenmakers 

— www.altcountryforum.nl 


“These Noir poets, these chroniclers of what lies under the stones we don’t want turned. Whalen is one such, he comes with the sort of biography that screams authenticity....” - David Cowling 

— Americana UK 


“Sweet Sugar Pie is a solid EP, collecting songs that shows off his ragged voice, spooky songwriting, and knack for atmosphere” - Ben Southworth 

— Iron Post Blog 


“Listening to Lance Whalen's 'Civil Twilight" is like drowning in a sea of black velvet. Hushed yet lush sounding, with lyrics that make you think and feel, Whalen's deep voice sounds otherworldly at times, but his songs are routed in earthly emotions that stir the soul. From the dark sexiness of “Shake Baby Shake” to the haunting title track, this collection of tunes holds up listen after listen. When Whalen sings, “Anything at any time can take a turn for the worse,/Darling will you choose to see the blessing or the curse?” his voice conveys a lust for hope that’s palpable and chilling. One of my favorites.” 

— -  WFDU.  Carnival of Song 


“I have worked with many artists in my career and Lance Whalen has the most unique voice I've heard in a long time. When comparing him to other singer-songwriters, Bob Dylan and Tom Watts come to mind, both in vocal style as well as his lyrics. It is a pleasure to know Lance and work his catalog," Sincerely yours Donna Britton- Bukevicz, President Mountain Row Music, Publisher” 

— Mountain Row Music Publishing 


“Lance’s unpolished guitar playing and raspy vocals have become his signature sound.” 


“This guy is an amazing singer/songwriter. When you listen to this track you can't help but think of people like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Leonard Cohen. Soulful deep crooning at its best! With a new album in hand, Lance Whalen is ready to sweeten your soul. On the Tracks is full of Lance's sincere, whiskeyesque vocals. Don't miss an opportunity to see him live in his hometown of Nashville, TN.” - Sharmaine 

— MP3tunes.com 


““If you were to bring a caldron of water to a William Topley boil, sprinkle in bits of Tom Wait's talking blues and toss in some Crash Test Dummies clever low grumble moan, you'd get good ole Lance Whalen.” —” - Tim Buchanan 

— SPUN- Nashville TN 


“...a gathering of melancholy tunes.” - David Lilly 

— louisville music news