"  If you are a fan of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, or Johnny Cash  you need to hear Whalen "

        - PaStE Magazine 


 "  “Strange Angel,” is where Southern Gothic rock and David Lynch-like flourishes collide with fiery results."



“More like Sweet Arsenic Pie, because this is the darkest sounding Nashville-style roots music since Porter released those drunk murder LPs way back when.” - Waymond Timbsdayle 

— Rocktober 


“.....almost unbearable melancholy.” - Johan Schoenmakers 

— www.altcountryforum.nl 


“These Noir poets... Whalen is one such. He comes with the sort of biography that screams authenticity....” - David Cowling 

— Americana UK 


“Ragged voice, spooky songwriting, and knack for atmosphere” - Ben Southworth 

— Iron Post  


“Listening to Lance Whalen's 'Civil Twilight" is like drowning in a sea of black velvet,  with lyrics that make you think and feel, Whalen's deep voice sounds otherworldly  and conveys a lust for hope that’s palpable and chilling. One of my favorites.” 

— -  WFDU.  Carnival of Song 


“I have worked with many artists in my career and Lance Whalen has the most unique voice I've heard in a long time. "  

Donna Britton-  President  

— Mountain Row Music Publishing 


“Lance’s unpolished guitar playing and raspy vocals have become his signature sound.” 


“This guy is an amazing singer/songwriter. When you listen to this track you can't help but think of people like Tom Waits, Nick Cave, and Leonard Cohen. Soulful deep crooning at its best!

- Sharmaine 

— MP3tunes.com 


““If you were to bring a caldron of water to a William Topley boil, sprinkle in bits of Tom Wait's talking blues and toss in some Crash Test Dummies clever low grumble moan, you'd get good ole Lance Whalen.” —” - Tim Buchanan 

— SPUN- Nashville TN 


“...a gathering of melancholy tunes.” - David Lilly 

— louisville music news